About Dr. B


Want to know and work with a woman who is high energy, as well as spiritual, powerful and impactful with her inspiring dynamic presentations to worldwide audiences that have changed the lives of millions of men and women?

You must meet Dr. “B” as she is called, who is passionate about everything she does in helping individuals to transform their lives and take action steps to become successful personally and professionally.  She loves her family, seafood, being near water, strength-training, high-heels, and clothes shopping when she can.  She loves to read, cook, entertain and is an accomplished pianist and singer.

Her first book, “Dancing on Broken Legs: Journey of a D.I.V.A.” just published in July, 2017 is on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble and also via her new APP, DrBarbaraYoung.  This inspiring book shares “tell-all” vignettes about her journey of trials, setbacks, betrayals, broken relationships and obstacles she overcame personally and professionally with the principles she learned and put into action to become the successful human being she is today.

Dr. Young has a goal of changing ten million of individuals lives before she departs this earth, one step at a time through the “how-to” principles she mastered in her own life experiences that led her to successfully transform her life.

 She is an entrepreneur, transformation for success expert, dynamic speaker, coach, consultant, author and Radio/TV media personality.  She has traveled world-wide and has worked as a speaker/consultant with women and men professionals, world leaders and executives from Fortune 400 and 500 companies, academic institutions, city municipalities, health care agencies and non-profit organizations.  She is a re-careered higher education administrator and professor serving for well over 30 years in higher education.

 In 2003, Dr. Young launched her company, Young Enterprises — now BJY Enterprises.  She founded and implemented Personal Best Success Seminars targeted to women that provided compelling life-empowerment growth seminars nationally and internationally for well over 15 years.

 In 2015, she founded and implemented the premier Women Power Brokers seminars with hard-hitting coaching sessions.  These were tailored to help women learn specific goal-oriented tools and the success habits needed for their optimal growth in influence and leadership.  Her view is that “it’s about women surrounding themselves with women of power moving forward, engaging, encouraging, elevating, and educating while they LEARN together.”

Dr. Young’s Women Power Brokers seminars bridge the gap between where women are now and where they dream to be.

 Her expertise in transformation success has set her apart from many and have led to her teachings and books on how people can break the cycle of negativity, fears, disappointments, and tragedies to forge new strategies for lasting results that lead to more successful and productive lives personally and professionally.

 She has received numerous awards, honors and accolades, including receiving an honorary doctorate of Theology in 2015.  Dr. Young received the Lifetime Award of Excellence from President Barack Obama in 2016.

 Her mantra is to “be better and not bitter.”