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Transformation for Success

Online TV Network

Dr. Young’s on-line Television Network, Transformation Success TV is in partnership with the Voice America TV platform and brings high quality video internet-TV to world-wide listeners and hosts passionate individuals who need a platform to communicate their important messages to the world.

This video streaming Internet-TV has programming 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  Each week, these shows provide profound insights to the global community, provoking people from all walks of life to achieve significant success in personal transformation, leadership development, business acumen, life growth and empowerment, and personal goal fulfillment.

Transformation Success TV Network (TSTVN) features a number of shows over an eight-genre-based categories such as

  • Relationships

  • Personal and Professional Development

  • Health and Wellness

  • Financial Wellness

  • Sports and Entertainment

  • Music 2 Inspire

  • Career Exploration

  • Inspirational

On the Personal and Professional Development Channel Category, Dr. Young produces the TOTAL WOMAN SHOW on a bi-monthly basis with four co-hosts from diverse backgrounds that bring messages to an instant audience and catapults their perspective, expertise, and voices into the global community.

The co-hosts each week share their stories, expertise and experiences to create change, enrich and re-empower women with action keys and success strategies to use with courage and sensibility.